Asparagus and goats cheese quiche with a chilli pastry
Daniel Lingiah
Preparation time 30 mins
Cooking time 120 mins
Serves 6-8



275g plain flour

1 egg

2 tbsp natural yoghurt

110g butter

1 tbsp chilli and garlic dressing

Pinch of salt and pepper



2 eggs

150ml double cream

200ml milk

8 stalks asparagus

120g soft goats cheese

50g grated cheddar


1. Combine all ingredients for the pastry in a food processor, blend until a dough is formed. Wrap in cling film and leave in fridge for 1 hour to rest.

2. Once rested take 8 inch quiche dish. Butter the dish well.

3. Roll the pastry out to ¾ inch thickness, roll around pin and lay onto dish. Ensure pastry is lightly pressed into edges leave 1 inch excess around the edge of the dish remove any excess. Prod base with a fork.

4. Line the pastry with parchment and then baking beans. Cook at 140c for 40 minutes until just starting to brown round edges lightly. Remove parchment and beans then brush bottom of pastry with a little egg yolk to fill any holes. Place back in oven for 10 minutes until base is cooked but not coloured. Once cooked trim edges.

5. Snap off any woody part of asparagus and place in a oven tray, give a drizzle of oil chilli and garlic dressing and season well. Roast at 200c for 15 minutes until just cooked.

6. Combine asparagus and goats cheese in pastry case.

7. Whisk eggs, milk and cream together with some seasoning. Pour into quiche base until ½ cm from the top.

8. Cover with grated cheddar.

9. Bake at 150c for 45 minutes until cooked, it should be set but still have a little wobble.

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