chilli infused rapeseed oil
This delicious oil has been infused with natural chilli extract to produce a wonderful chilli kick.
Retaining all its health credentials, this oil is perfect for adding a bit of spice to all your cooking, marinading or roasting. Try drizzling over your pizza, pasta, steak or chicken.

The Cold Pressed Chilli Infused Rapeseed Oil is available in 250ml Bottles

Nutritional Information

Typical Energy Values Per 100g
Energy 3336Kj (811 kcal)
Fat                                                    88.7g
of which
 - saturates                                  6.5g
 - mono-unsaturates            54.7g
 - polyunsaturates                 23.6g
Carbohydrate                           3.1g
of which
 - sugars                                    <0.1g
Fibre                                            <0.2g
Protein                                           0.1g
Salt                                                  0.01g

Ingredients: Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Chilli Flakes (0.3%), Chilli Oleoresin (6 million scoville)