Our chilli and garlic dressing is perfect for livening up any salad.
Alternatively pour over a chicken breast or steak and leave to marinate before cooking to add an extra dimension and kick to your dish.
This dressing has two distinct layers to its taste.
Initially your met with the warm taste of roasted garlic, this is followed by a kick of chilli, just enough to invigorate your senses.
Try it as a spicy sauce on top of a burger, straight from the BBQ.

Nutritional Information

Typical Energy Values Per 100g
Energy 2225Kj (540 kcal)
Fat                                                     53.6g
of which
 - saturates                                   3.8g
 - mono-unsaturates              32.6g
 - polyunsaturates                    15.0g
Carbohydrate                             11.7g
of which
 - sugars                                          9.8g
Fibre                                                  0.7g
Protein                                             0.8g
Salt                                                     0.7g

Allergens: - Mustard Powder


Cold pressed rapeseed oil (35%), Rapeseed Oil, White Wine Vinegar, Honey, Water, Minced Garlic (2%), Sugar, Mustard Powder, Salt, Chilli Powder (0.5%), Cayenne Pepper (0.5%), Paprika, Crushed Chilli (0.3%), Hot Pepper Sauce (white distilled vinegar, red peppers, salt).