Classic Mayonnaise
Our Classic Mayonnaise uses our pure oil and a mix of deli mustard to create a beautifully smooth sauce which is reminiscent of a home made mayonnaise.
The deli mustard adds a sweeter, fruity note along with the nutty characteristics of the oil.
Use as a base for potato salads, crayfish tails or simply dunking chips into it.

Nutritional Information

Typical Energy Values Per 100g
Energy 2691Kj (654 kcal)
Fat                                                    70.6g
of which
 - saturates                                         5.5g
 - monounsaturates                      43.3g
 - polyunsaturates                          18.6g
Carbohydrate                                   3.1g
of which 
 - sugars                                              0.5g
Fibre                                                      0.2g
Protein                                                 1.1g
Salt                                                         0.78g

Ingredients: Cold Pressed Rapeseed oil (79%), Pasteurised Free Range Egg Yolk (14%), White Wine Vinegar, Mustard Powder, Salt, Sugar, Spirit Vinegar, Mustard Bran, Turmeric.

Allergens: In Bold

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