Linguine with asparagus and rocket
Daniel Lingiah
Preparation time 20 mins
Cooking Time 10 mins
Serves 2

150g Dried linguine
8 Asparagus stems
1 Clove garlic
Cold pressed rapeseed oil
2 Handfuls rocket
Chilli and garlic rapeseed oil dressing
Parmesan to serve


Heat a large pan of water until boiling, season generously
Once boiling add linguine
Remove any woody parts of the asparagus. Cut remaining asparagus in half horizontally
Finely slice garlic
Slowly heat garlic in cold pressed rapeseed oil until nearly cooked, then set aside (will end up golden)
After about 7 minutes, add asparagus to pasta pot and cook for 1 minute. Remove and toss into the garlic pan
Once the pasta is cooked 'al dente' drain the water, saving a little of the water.
Season the pasta. Toss in pan with asparagus, garlic and oil adding a couple of tablespoons of cooking water
Add rocket and 3 generous glugs of chilli and garlic dressing
Serve with parmesan and lots of freshly ground pepper  
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