CPO Fish -Lobster Recipe Cuts
Pan roasted sea bass with fennel, shallot and blood orange salad
Daniel Lingiah
Preparation time 20 mins
Cooking time 10 mins
Serves 2


2 Fillets of sea bass

1 blood orange

½ head of fennel

1 shallot

4 tbsp Cold pressed rapeseed oil


1, Take your fillets and score the skin 3 times ( this helps cook and stops it curling ).

2, Season and oil your fish, Pre-heat a frying pan.

3, Start  the fish skin side down on a medium heat, cook for 2-3 minutes either side depending on the thickness of the fillet. ( the skin should be crisp )

4,Skin your orange using a knife and cut the segments out, keep the remains.

5, Slice the fennel and shallot as finely as possible use a mandolin if you have one.

6, Make the dressing by putting the Cold pressed rapeseed oil in a jug, squeeze the remains of the orange in and add plenty of seasoning whisk until emulsified.

7, Mix the fennel, shallot and orange together with the dressing.

8, Plate up serving the fish on top of salad.  

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