Pure cold pressed rapeseed oil

Here at the Cold Pressed Oil Company, we pride ourselves in producing the finest quality multi award winning rapeseed oil.

The seed is harvested in late July and is then cleaned, dried and bagged.

We bring the seed up to the press as and when we require it, ensuring that the oil we produce is as fresh as possible.

Once pressed, the oil is filtered, which is a key moment in the production. It is only after this point that the oil shows us its gorgeous golden colour.

The final product is then ready to be bottled up and dispatched to one of our various outlets.

This year we have won 2 Gold Stars for our oil in the Great Taste Awards.

The Highest ranked pure rapeseed oil in the country. 

It is this pure product that we use as the base for all of our products.

We currently produce our oil in either: -

500ml glass bottles


5 Litre jerry cans


What people say.....

"We have been using The Cold Pressed Oil Company at The Hand and Flowers for  the last three and a half years now. It has a fantastic, robust flavour, ideal for simple cookery and makes the most out of ingredients and is a perfect oil for salad dressings. It is a wonderful British alternative to European olive oils. Although different in taste, it is fantastic to use something home-grown. We are very proud to use it at The Hand and Flowers’"
The hand and flowers - Marlow

"Lovely golden rapeseed colour which is very appealing. A simple aroma initially and on the palate there is a deep, clean, nutty, seedy flavour which is lovely and reminiscent of the fields. A really good example of a rapeseed oil. "
Great Taste Awards 2014

"Lovely product made with care"
Nick Galer - The Miller of Mansfield

"A little bottle of golden joy, lovely and smooth"
Michael Riemenschneider - Canvas, Marylebone lane