Bottling Run

Cold Pressing

The seed is harvested in late July to early August from the surrounding fields and is then delivered to the farm, where it is cleaned and dried.

This process removes any debris and vegetation that is still present in the seed sample and then it is bagged up for storage.

The seed is then dropped into our hopper, where it is transferred into the press via an auger.
The press tears the seed open and squeezes the oil out.
The now free oil trickles into a crude oil tank in our clean room and the rest of the seed husk (known as cake or meal) is extruded out of the front of the press and is collected. This is sold to a local cattle farmer and used as a feed for his herd during the winter.

The crude oil is now filtered which removes any traces of seed husk that has come through from the press and passes into a clean oil tank. It is at this point that the oil shows off its stunning golden colour.
From here it is bottled, capped, labelled and packaged ready for delivery to one of our many retailers, pubs and restaurants.

By using the traditional method of cold pressing we ensure that nothing is added or taken away from the natural oil. The result is a deliciously flavoured, versatile oil which is completely free of additives and compliments any dish.