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the source of Our seed 

The Cold Pressed Oil Company is based at Clare Park Farm which is situated in the idyllic Hampshire countryside on the outskirts of Crondall near Farnham. 

It is in the surrounding fields that all of our seed is grown to produce our Multi Award Winning Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, some years this can be as little as 50 meters.    

Our converted brick barn, where we press the seed is nestled between the fields. This ensures that we keep the food miles to a minimum.  

The crop shows off its dazzling yellow flowers in April-May and once pollinated by the bees and insects, these flowers develop into pods which contain the seeds.

Initially the seeds are green in colour but as the Summer goes on these start to ripen up turning from red to black once they are ripe and it is at this point that the seeds are full of oil.

Harvesting the seeds usually takes place between the middle to end of July and the beginning of August and is done using a combine harvester. The crop is cut low to the ground and is pulled into the combine where it passes over a thresher which knocks the seeds from the pods. The seeds are collected in the hopper located behind the drivers cab and the rest of the plant passes through a shredder and is spread back out onto the field.

Once the hopper is full the seed is unloaded into a tractor and trailer and transported back to the farm. They are tipped into a pit and moved over sieves which remove any unwanted vegetation and debris. The clean seed is then dried to stop it from germinating and stored in a grain bunker until we are ready to press it.  


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